New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Zurich


In Zurich, like many other places around the world, New Year’s is celebrated by fireworks. The difference however, is that the city of Zurich turns off all of the lights for the firework display. A shadow of darkness is cast over the entire city and explosions of multi-colored fireworks are the only glimpse of light that the entire city can try to hold on as the clock strikes twelve. The dazzling lights and floating sparkles reign down over the darkened city.

As someone who loves light and dark references, as well as anything that has to do with shine, I can’t think of a better use of symbolism for beginning a new year. Light emerging from the dark in the form of fireworks; it seems so simple, yet it is the perfect example of all that is right. In a moment of darkness, when the entire city is illuminated in shadows, the magical fireworks display overhead is the perfect glimmer of hope and reminder of brighter days ahead.

I think one of the reasons we feel so tied to fireworks and New Year’s Eve is that together, they represent a sense of new. A sense of coming out and a desire for ourselves to emerge out of darkness and into the light of new chances, new opportunities, new beginnings, and of course- a New Year.

Switzerland got it right. Literally and figuratively, the beautiful fireworks display was not only awakening but refreshing. They were the perfect reminder to never let your light go out and to never fear shadows, for they simply mean a light is shining nearby.


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