Turning Business Away

I will never understand a business who turns business away due to the fact that the customer is a “member” somewhere else.

In cheerleading, I know multiple gyms that refuse service to kids/athletes/families that are team members at other cheerleading gyms. A child wants to take a private tumbling lesson or tumbling class at ABC Allstars but is on a competitive team at XYZ Allstars.

The mindset behind turning this athlete away is that ABC gym doesn’t want to train a rival gyms athlete… However, ABC gym is missing out on an opportunity to market their gym, make money, and build a relationship.

It’s just sour business to refuse service to someone because they are a member somewhere else and frankly, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

If you’re that worried about “making a rival athlete too good” then you’re not spending enough time making your business the best!

It would be like publix telling all Costco members they aren’t allowed to shop at Publix since they have a membership at Costco…. Even though publix would clearly still be making a profit off of them.

Business is business and the next time someone asks to take a private lesson or class at your business while they are a member of another program- look at it as a COMPLIMENT and an OPPORTUNITY. 


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