Pay it Forward

Over the past year, I’ve seen hundreds of people start these “crowd funding” websites, basically asking for money for various things. I’ve seen girls ask people to fund their prom dresses, business owners ask people to help save their businesses, people ask for vacation money, money to give their cat an operation, to raise money for a disease, etc…There are very few that I have actually supported. Most of them, I can’t believe people have the audacity to ask others for money for a prom dress, magazine cover or vacation…

However, what I’ve realized, is that these websites aren’t about WHAT these people are raising money for. It’s about the WHY. Why them? Why would people help them?

Everyone has a struggle and everyone has a story. It’s not our place to judge what people do with their lives, it’s our job to give back to the people who have supported us, our dreams, and our community. Those are people we should be supporting- that’s our WHY.

One of my best friends, Erica Wendorf, just started a gofundme website, to help raise money to have a baby.

Erica has influenced our entire community. She has impacted hundreds of lives and coached tons of youth athletes as a volunteer over the past 10 years. I’ve seen her give her lunch to a kid who forgot theirs, I’ve seen her and her husband selflessly give their last dollar to help someone else in need, and when I first opened a business-  she worked 7 days a week to try to help me get it off the ground without ever getting a paycheck for the entire first year.

We all spend money on things we don’t need. This week, I encourage that instead of your Starbucks or expensive breakfast sandwich out- donate that 10$ towards someone who has given back time and time again to make our community a better place.

Remember, when you give the world the best you have… The best always comes back to you.


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