Food Prep / Fruit Prep

I love fruit and throughout the week, I eat a lot of it. What I realized though, is that it takes a lot of extra time in the mornings to cut fruit up or chop it- whether it’s to eat or to blend in a smoothie.


So, I started fruit prepping! 


I’m currently on a big papaya and apple kick, so I cut up usually one large papaya and a few organic apples to store in a bowl and eat throughout the week.


I blend apples into my daily smoothies, so it always helps to have them pre sliced. Papaya I usually eat for breakfast or an afternoon snack, so if I want to grab and go- having the papaya already cut up is a great time saver.


Very simply, I cut up the entire large papaya along with 2-3 apples and store them in a large round Tupperware container. This gives me quick and easy access and lasts the whole week!


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