Why having a solid CORE is vital to your business strategy

As the leader, you are the core of your business and brand. Whether your business is online or at a physical location, you must humanize your brand and it must be likeable.

This is why your core is so important. If you’re the person behind the scenes, running the show, this should be easy.

You know your vision and should be able to articulate it to your employees and customers. Your life should preach your brand and message to everyone, including through your personal social media accounts.

If your business is large enough to have a management team running the business for you, make sure the right people are in the right places. You can have Excel spreadsheets full of plans, numbers, data and goals, but if the right people aren’t executing those plans, your spreadsheets will quickly become irrelevant, just like the future of your business.

Whether it is you or a management team at the helm of your business, the core leadership is the artery that pumps blood to your business’ heart.

It’s better to have a team of enthusiastic employees that need training than a team of trained employees who have no love for what they’re doing.

Everyone managing your business must know how to manage every aspect of it. This includes you; you are a janitor, a secretary, an accountant and a manager. You must be ready and willing to do it all. Even as your business grows, don’t think you’re above any job, any person or any task.

Remember to stay humble because we all know that pride comes before the fall.

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