Cake, Cake, Cake

One of my best friends loves donuts so I decided to attempt to make her a donut cake for her birthday!

 I have to confess- I decide to do this quickly and all in a quick trip to Target.

I found an angel food cake pan from target, a pre made donut muffin mix, some pre-made donut holes, and grabbed some chocolate icing.

I simply followed the directions from this mix and instead of making muffins, I put all of the mix in the angel food cake pan! After baking, I made the pre packaged glaze and drizzled it over the top or the cake.Then, I melted the chocolate icing in the microwave and drizzled it over the top of the cake.

Once the cake had cooled and the icing had dried, I placed the mini donut holes in the center of the cake to give it a little more fun donut appearance!

Quick, easy and VERY tasty!


P.S. Is it Donut or Dougnut? And… does it really matter as long as it tastes good?


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