5 Things you need to pack for your next Trip!

The Five things you can’t forget on your next trip!

I love traveling, but I seriously hate packing. I watch the minutes count down before I have to leave to make it to the airport on time and try to decide what I need to throw in my bag last minute. That being said, as a frequent flyer, I feel like I have a few good travel tricks up my sleeve. Make sure your credit cards don’t charge foreign transaction fees, carry on your medications, and never forget your sunglasses… the list could go on and on; but when I think of traveling abroad with limited space, there are a few essentials that often get overlooked.

Here is my list of five things you need to bring with you, before you head overseas.


  • Sunscreen- This one should go without saying, yet it’s rarely packed. So simple, yet almost always overlooked. Buy the travel sizes so you can keep them in your carry-on bag and eliminate the need to find and buy sunscreen overseas.
  • B Vitamin- Sounds kind of silly out of all the things in the world to pack, but this is another item you don’t want to have to search out and spend money on while abroad. Pack enough B Vitamins so you can take one each day. Not only is it a natural energy booster, it also works as a natural bug repellent. Mosquitos and other little bugs hate the scent is gives off through your body.
  • Backup Identification- Traveling out of the country automatically means you’ll need a passport, but it’s always smart to pack an extra form on Identification in your bag in case you misplace your first form of ID.
  • Cash- All of my credit cards have zero foreign transaction fees and I never carry cash while I’m at home, but it’s always helpful to have a small backup stash on you for unpredictable situations that may arise.
  • An open mind- Things never work out the way you plan them, so go into every trip and adventure with an open mind. Different places and cultures operate completely differently then what you may be accustomed to, but this isn’t a reason to be rude or get upset; it’s a way for you to learn about how other people live. Keep an open mind and enjoy the experience; home is only a plane ride away.

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