I have never been a “Podcaster” but you can now call me addicated!

A friend recommended the podcast “Up and Vanished” to me before I had to take a long drive. I absolutely could not stop listening and I love the fact that it is about a real life case that is actually going on in the news right now!

The Podcast was started by a Journalist in Atlanta who wanted to dig in to an old cold case that happened years ago in Georgia where a young, 30 year old teacher went missing without a trace, and still to this day has not been found.

He tells the story of what happened years ago in the beginning of the podcast and then begins to explore all of the leads and suspects. Without giving too much away, he actually uncovers quite a bit of interesting information that leads to new accusations and new suspects.

What I find most interesting is that they have now reopened this investigation and have someone in custody- and it is now happening in REAL TIME!

It is really worth a listen- I promise you’ll be hooked!!


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