Final Girls by Riley Sager

Splashed across the front of this book is a positive review from Stephen King and so immediately I ranked this book as a read that could potentially be a great thriller scary movie one day. I was expecting the book to read more as a scary edge of your seat type of book that built up to another murder/mystery/crime but it read as more of a psychological development book where you’re just trying to piece together what actually happened and who the characters are now. The book tells the story of a girl named Quincy who is the sole survivor of a college massacre. Her, along with two other unrelated girls, are dubbed “The final girls” because they all went through mass traumas and were the final and only people who survived. The book takes us to present day where Quincy is trying to live a normal life outside of the media spotlight– until one of the other “Final Girls” commits suicide. This suicide puts Quincy back into the spotlight and brings up many unresolved issues from her past trauma. The book follows her as she tries to remember back to the night of the massacre and cope with remembering what really happened. Did she get all the details right? Or did she miss something? You’ll have to read it to find out! I liked this book and found it to be a quick read, but I didn’t like the character development and struggled with the main character making idiotic decisions as certain points of the novel. Regardless- it’s fun and worth the read. Fun fact- the back of the book states that this book was written by Riley Sager which is a ghost name for another writer. I’m super curious who it is and why they felt the need to publish under a different name.


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