Little Fires Everywhere

I saw this book pop up as the book of the month for the Reese Witherspoon book club and immediately ordered it. It’s a great look inside the inner workings (and unworkings) of suburbia. The storyline takes us inside the lives of a few different families that live in the same time but live in very different ways.

I enjoyed this book, but I didn’t really get page turning excited for what was happening with the story until over 100 pages in. I think this book would be more enjoyable to those who have children and actually live in the suburbs. However, I still find its entertainment value and relatable-ness high- because it’s always entertaining to learn about the lives of others compared to what they actually portray.

I liked the storyline but almost wanted it to dive deeper into some of the issues that bubbled up throughout the novel. By the end I wanted more; so if there is a sequel, I’ll definitely be interested to see what happens next for the characters!


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