In a dark, dark wood- Ruth Ware

I decided to pick up In a dark, dark wood after I read Ruth Ware’s other novel, The Woman in Cabin 10.

Dark, dark wood seemed to have even better reviews that The Woman in Cabin 10 BUT I must say, I was underwhelmed.

The story follows a woman, Nora, who is invited to bachelorette/hen party of a friend she has lost contact with. She is baffled why she is invited, but decides to attend the party- which is a weekend at a house in the woods. After a shocking death, Nora must piece together what actually happened over the weekend while also trying to cope with her past.

Similar to The Woman in Cabin 10- I just didn’t like the main character! Why does Ruth Ware create emotionally weak, semi- alcoholic main female characters? Why couldn’t it be a strong woman that was still thrown into a scary, dangerous situation? I found Nora, the 26 year old main character, hard to relate to considering she was still holding on to a breakup that happened when she was 16.

The overall story and suspense of the novel picked up and peaked my interest to find out the background of what had happened- but I just really didn’t love this story as much as I hoped.


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