The Light we Lost

I read this book in one sitting on a flight from Orlando to Phoenix. I really enjoyed the short chapters and the way the book was written, but I can say I definitely didn’t love the ending.

The story follows a girl, Lucy, who meets a boy on September 11th that forever changes her life. As they spend the day together watching the tragedy unfold, she feels a special connection and falls for him. However, they go their separate ways and don’t reunite until years later. In their early 20’s they fall madly in love. The book chronicles their head over heels passion for each other… But, as with most first loves, their love affair comes to an end and the story takes us into their lives as they move on and how their stories tangle and weave together.

However, the story brings them back together and forces Lucy to make the choice of a lifetime.

I really liked the story and really liked the book- however, I didn’t love it for the simple fact that Gabe always took precedent over everything else. I can’t say too much else without spoiling it- but it’s definitely worth reading.


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