The Lost Man- Jane Harper

This novel was superbly written. The detail and characters were excellent. The story itself was sort of a “Who dunnit”, with a death early on and the remaining characters left to figure out what happened. I was intrigued to read and find out what happened to the brother who died, but I had trouble connecting with the story because the wild outback and Australian desert didn’t peak my interest as a reader as it would for some others.

I thoroughly enjoyed the ending and felt like it tied the entire story together very well.

Overall, it was an extremely well written book, the characters were developed perfectly, and it’s definitely worth reading. It felt like the outback and place where the story occurred was it’s own character. Those that like the outback and nature would definitely enjoy this book more than city folk like myself.

Here is the book description from Amazon:

The Australian outback has never looked as bleak and dangerous as it does in Jane Harper’s latest, The Lost Man. The stockman’s grave is a dark local landmark, the origin of urban legends, and now the site of another mysterious death. There is no detective chasing a killer in The Lost Man; only Nathan, the dead man’s brother, trying to work out how his sibling ended up where and how he did. Family history plays an important role in the story: Nathan, his brother Bub, and their now-dead brother Cam were raised in a house beset by violence. Their father is deceased, but all three brothers have stayed on to work and live in the incredibly harsh surroundings. Cam was the solid one, always responsible, the brother everyone liked. So how did he, of all people, end up dead? Deceptive twists sneak up on the reader, and with The Lost Man Harper has crafted another slow burn mystery that catches the reader unaware right up to the surprise ending


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