How to Walk Away & The Mother in Law

I picked up both of these books after reading RAVE reviews online.

I LOVED How to Walk Away! I fell in love with the story and loved the last chapter and ending. I felt the layered storyline gave it just enough without detracting from the main character and main storyline. 

The story follows our main character, Margaret, after a life changing accident that flips her world upside down. As Margaret navigates her recovery and tries to build a new version of normal, we see her find happiness and hope in places she never imagined. Realistic but not overall cheesy, the book had just the right mix of heartbreak, humor, and hope to keep the story going. The ending made me happy and was a refreshing different vibe from what else I’ve been reading lately. I can’t wait to read more Katherine Center books.

My favorite line from this book is: “More than anything, I know that you just have to choose to make the best of things. You get one life, and it only goes forward. And there really are all kinds of happy endings.”

And now, for our second book of this post:

I liked The Mother-In-Law by Sally Hepworth, but didn’t love it as much as I hoped I would. The story had some good build up, but ultimately fell flat with a predictable ending and unresolved back story. Overall, it was pretty lukewarm and I never felt an urgency to discover what happened nor did I feel a particular love to any of the characters for me to grasp onto. I picked it up because it was being marketed as a Thriller and I kept seeing posts about how great it was. I would categorize it more as fiction with a mystery tied in.

Potential spoiler, question for other readers:

Where did Diana get all the money? The storyline implies the money is hers and not her husbands- but the story says they both grew up without much money and then lightly touches on the Husband making a lot of money from a proposal/project he pitched to his boss. Doesn’t match up with her controlling the money or the amount of money they had?!?! Anybody else?

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