Give me your Hand- Meg Abbott

I’m a big Meg Abbott fan, but I have to say- this wasn’t my favorite book. I loved the formatting and writing style, the back and forth between past and present helps build suspense… BUT I found the story easy to guess and almost anti-climactic.

The story follows two women who are childhood friends that share a dark secret. The story weaves between past and present to build the hype around the secret, although I felt like it was an easy giveaway. The present day story makes for an interesting story line that involves a team of scientists, but again- found it almost too predictable that both women would again, end up together. Although the story touches on jealousy and competition between two females, it didn’t do enough to hit home or make a point around the topic- which I felt like was a missed writing piece.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and considered it a quick read- but it definitely wasn’t my favorite!


The Favorite Sister- Jessica Knoll

I had been waiting for this book to come out and I’m so glad I finally got to read it! First of all, I’m a big fan of Jessica Knoll and absolutely love her first book- Luckiest Girl Alive. The Favorite Sister was REALLY different and read almost like a movie script. The character development throughout the book truly builds the characters unlike any other book I can remember. I can literally picture these characters in my head.

The story takes us inside a group of women who are all cast on a reality TV show together and builds the backstory of how one of the main characters dies. Overall, the writing and building throughout this book makes it a SERIOUSLY great read, but I did find a few parts hard to follow between characters at first. The characters and references to current events and trends were on point and I really enjoyed the novel from start to finish!

When Life gives you Lululemons

I loved this book! Yesssssss!!

I am a huge fan of The Devil Wears Prada and when I heard there was a book sequel (gasp!) I was more than excited to read it, but also had very low expectations – since it’s a sequel.

I must say, I am pleasantly surprised and seriously enjoyed the story and all the current references to what’s going on in the world right now.

The story follows Emily into her life now in LA and away from the Fashion/magazine business. There are plenty of references to Miranda and the first movie storyline, but not so many references that you can’t enjoy the book as it’s own entity.

If you were a fan of Devil wears Prada you’ll love this book!!

Henrietta Red- Nashville

If you’re looking for an awesome brunch spot in Nashville, check out Henrietta Red! Super cute, posh interior matches it’s delicious menu!

I ordered the Kimchi Farro bowl and we got a monkey bread for the table. Everything was delicious and I definitely recommend checking it out!

Still Me- Jojo Moyes

YES LOUISA CLARK! Wow, I loved this final book in the Me before You Trilogy… at least I think it’s the final book…

I read the sequel to Me Before You, and I liked it- but didn’t love it the way I loved this third book. The story finds Louisa Clark in New York City as an assistant to the wife of a millionaire. The book is fun, relate-able, and as I was reading I could picture this book translating into a beautiful big screen movie. My favorite parts about it were the flashbacks to Will and how well they tied into the story now and matched with the first book. The story follows Louisa trying to make it in New York and understand the life of a socialite, but also keeps us close to who she is with her attachment to her boyfriend in England.

I love rooting for this character and I love the end of story take away to the book. Figuring out who you are is such an important lesson for girls as they grow up- especially in a world where we are all surrounded with a million different things telling us who we should be.

Read this book- and if you haven’t read Me Before You, start there first.

Dear Madam President by Jennifer Palmieri

Yes, you need to buy this book for the women in your life! Written as a letter to the unknown future first female president, the book offers a look at how far we’ve come as women, but also how far we have to go. The stories and insight from a woman who worked on the first female presidential campaign and how it never came to fruition are eye opening, heartbreaking and reflective all at the same time.

Great gift for a recent college grad or really, anyone who wants a little girl power in their life. Really enjoyed the inside look!

Budget Bridesmaid box

Check out my budget friendly DIY Bridesmaid proposal box I created!

With a little planning, it’s easy to create a sweet gift on a budget!

I started with the DIY Champagne bottle that I explain how to make here! These come in a 4pack, so helps to cut down on individual cost.

I used a 50% off coupon to get the “Will you be my Bridesmaid” cards for around $2.50 for the box of cards and then also picked up a clearance mini flower bundle for 99 cents! I added a bath bomb, which I found in a package of 12 at target and then created the shirts with an iron on bridesmaid transfer purchased through Amazon!

The cute box itself was purchased at Joann’s end of season clearance sale for $4.99!

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a Bridesmaid proposal or even buy a pricy gift box online! With a little planning and shopping you can totally DIY!

Proper Bagel- Nashville

Ummm… drool alert!

I don’t know why it took me so long to discover Proper Bagel, but if you have the chance- put it on your “must eat there” list.

Literally every delicious combination you can dream up is possible! And they have some delicious sweet treats too! I got their salmon avocado toast- pictured below!

Alternate Side- Anna Quindlen

Ugh… I really wanted to like this book, but I just couldn’t get into it. I kept waiting for more and it never came.

With that being said, the writing is great- I just wasn’t interested in this particular story line. This is the description that made me interested in reading the novel:

“The tensions in a tight-knit neighborhood—and a seemingly happy marriage—are exposed by an unexpected act of violence in this provocative new novel…”

Although, true- I found the entire book to be rather anti-climatic and not provocative. I could see myself liking this novel more in years to come, but for now- it just didn’t hold my interest.

Orlando’s Best Sushi

If you’re looking for the best sushi in Orlando, look no further than the downtown Thornton Park restaurant, Shari.

Not only is everything On Shari’s menu delicious, they have an absolutely killer happy hour with some of their best rolls going for $5-6!! I love good sushi and I love a great deal!

DIY Glitter champagne bottles

I wanted to share a super easy DIY project I recently completed, especially since I am not a DIY person!

I took these mini champagne bottles and made them nice and sparkly to gift to my bridesmaids!

Here’s how to do it in 5 easy steps:

1) Tape the top of the champagne bottles so you don’t get any glitter on the top label.

2) Spray the bottle down with adhesive spray glue. I used Elmer’s spray adhesive craft glue.

3) Sprinkle glitter on top of adhesive section of the bottle. Repeat for opposite side and also layer spray and glitter on any sections that look sparse.

4) Remove tape from top of bottle

5) ENJOY!!

Flight- Memphis

I’m super disappointed at myself for doing such a bad job on these pictures, but if you’re looking for a place to grab dinner in Memphis, Flight is where you want to go!

The concept is super cool! Similar to how you can order a wine flight or beer flight, you can actually order your entree as a flight- so you can try different things! I loved the concept because I was able to try 3 different small plates instead of picking just one entree! (It’s also a great way to order dessert with less guilt!)