Favorite Books

I’m an avid reader, so I thought I would list out a few of my favorites! 

Eat,Pray,Love- an amazing read, and story. I love non fiction- so this is A PERFECT READ for me.

Me before you- One of my all time absolute favorite fiction books EVER!!! 

Me after you- not as great as the signature me before you- but you almost have to read it to see what happens after the first book 

The Luckiest Girl Alive- LOVED this book.

The Girl on the train- A close second to luckiest girl alive

Gone Girl- What a great plot twist 

Dark places- not my favorite, very dark. I like Gone Girl much better 

This is How- by Augusten Burroughs- what a fabulous non fiction read

The go giver- Bob Burg- the best business and leadership book ever!