The thing about Winning

Ten years ago I was a first year business owner- a cheer gym owner – and coach of a team that had a very losing season.

They didn’t just lose, they came in LAST every single competition we went to… Like dead last. But finally, at the VERY last event of the entire season, they got their first and only win. And here’s the thing- at the time, I really thought that win was what made me (and them) successful.

Ten years later, what I know for sure is this: the win was never the success. The success was the people that stuck by my side loss after loss. It’s easy to stand next to someone when they cross the finish line, but what you want is the people who cheer you on when you lag behind in the race. ✨

Choose Belief

Life meets you at the intersection of where you choose to believe in yourself.

The universe will help you put your dreams into motion, as long as you choose to believe that those dreams really can come true.

When you choose to see the world around you as working in your favor and lining you up to succeed, you’ll soon see that the universe has always been on your side; and – eventually, everything connects.

Choose belief.

Because it’s always better to be a bull in the ring than a calf in the slaughterhouse.

Why live in fear?

Fear will try to dominate your thoughts.
If you allow it, fear will keep you awake at night.
Fear will steal your joy, steal your enthusiasm.
Fear will follow you like a dark cloud.
Why live in fear?
It takes just as much energy to worry as it does to be positive and believe.
If you let God deal with your fears and just put faith that the
situation will turn around and be to your advantage, it will.