Foundation of value

When starting something new- a business, a relationship, anything really- you have to create a foundation to build upon. For me, a foundation starts with a set of values or more specifically, beliefs. A belief in the vision you see for yourself, your business and the future.

When I first opened my business, before I allowed any equipment to be moved inside our warehouse,  I had a dear friend come in and paint my belief on the wall for all to see. This created the foundation of value for my business. It was a business FOR people, ABOUT people and this message to the world cleared stated my philosophy about success.

It also served as a daily reminder of kindness and a visual reminder of our core values for all to see. When you share your beliefs and visions with the world, the world gives you back what you want and ask for.

Don’t ever be afraid to share your vision with the world. Your beliefs become your brand and your brand is how you live your life every day.


Kindness is always possible

“Try to make at least one person happy every day.If you cannot do a kind deed, speak a kind word.If you cannot speak a kind word, think a kind thought.”

A true sign of maturity is when someone wrongs you/ hurts you/ lashes out at you… Instead of trying to retaliate, get the last word or get back at them– you try to understand their situation and where they’re coming from. When you try to get back at someone- you don’t get back at anyone. You just end up harboring anger and frustration and putting negativity into the world. Think positive. When you give the world the best you have, the best comes back to you. #boomerangtheory