All the Missing Girls

Wow! Another beautiful novel from Megan Miranda! I am beyond impressed with her writing and character development and just honestly feel like her books are some of the most well written and well thought out books I’ve read in a long time.

That being said, I really enjoyed this story and at first I thought telling the story backwards would get confusing – but it played out and read very well.

The easiest way to explain this book is that it’s like Sweet Home Alabama with a psychological twist, haha. It’s a great read, definitely add it to your list!

The Perfect Stranger- Megan Miranda

This is my first Megan Miranda book and let me say- it won’t be the last! I really enjoyed this story, the narrative, and the main character! I read the book in one sitting, in one day.

The book follows our main character, Leah, as she embarks on a new career as a teacher and attempts to start her life over after an article she wrote  got her in a lot of trouble in her previous job as a journalist. She magically runs into an old friend at the right time and they decide to head out to the middle of nowhere, together- at least they have each other right?

The book weaves throughout multiple layered story lines of Leah’s new journey and fresh start. The flashbacks to the past were perfectly timed throughout the story and didn’t over complicate what was happening in the present.

As I started reading, I thought there was possibly a chance that Leah had a split personality and we were reading two stories about one person- but that is not the case. The plot is great and it’s hard to say much more without spoiling the book.

I did feel like some of the details towards the end of the novel were left unfinished- I wanted to know more about the kids at the school and how she cleared her name as well as the credit cards. Were they being used? Was her credit ruined? Haha, I know I know- small details- but I don’t like loose ends.

What I really appreciated was that this main character was relatable and also strong- she didn’t have some major character flaw that made me roll my eyes while I read.

I can’t wait to read more of Megan Miranda’s work!