Life will be the Death of me- Chelsea Handler

I enjoyed this book, but it was much different than I expected. I was expecting a humorous book weaved full of stories that would make me laugh. Instead, I got a very introspective look into Chelsea Handler’s life with a handful of laughs. I thought I would laugh more, but instead the book takes a look into Chelsea’s life as she documents her time spent with her therapist. Clearly, she has some issues that have impacted her that she is trying to work out and weaves the stories around her issues, largely her past.

Overall, it was an interesting look into her life and a good read, but it wasn’t the light and humorous book I was expecting.

The Glass Castle

WOW. This is a hard review to write, just because this book was so well written and it is a story that is so worth telling.

I truly feel this book should be required reading for high school or college students, it can give everyone perspective. Perspective on what it’s like to really have a rough childhood, perspective on overcoming obstacles, and most of all perspective on how important it really is to share your story.

This is a must read memoir and a reminder that our pasts our intended to make us and shape us- not break us.

Unbearable Lightness- Portia de Rossi

This is hands down one of the best books ever written in regards to eating disorders.

It’s a hard read to imagine how close to death she came, but it’s such an important story of self acceptance and self worth. This memoir has the ability to help others, tell a true story that doesn’t glamorize eating disorders, and give others the courage to be themselves.