Krungthep Tea Time

Krungthep Tea Time is an Orlando hidden gem! Delicious and authentic Thai sandwiches, salads, and delicious desserts! The real winner here though is their amazing Tea list! So many to choose from you’ll have to go back more than once!

(Ummm but seriously check out the dessert in the bottom pic)

Orlando Favorites

Outdoor favorites and must sees:

Lake Eola- home to our beautiful swans ( try going on Sunday to our Lake Eola farmers market!)

Downtown restaurant favorites: Spice and Ceviche

Best Patio to grab a drink:  Eola wine company or World of beer

Best brunch: Dexters! 

Fresh Made Kitchen- Orlando

I recently had the pleasure of checking out the brand new Fresh Made Kitchen in Orlando- and I must say, I can’t wait to go back again!

They have a huge menu with tons of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their omelettes looked amazing and super tempting.

Since I went for a late lunch, I decided to pick a couple starter options and then entrees. I tried the seared ahi tuna starter and the hummus! Both were delicious! For main entrees, I sampled the mahi tacos (my personal favorite) and the Strawberry/avocado/chicken Salad.

Overall- for a brand new restaurant that just opened- I give it 5 stars. I seriously can’t wait to go back to try breakfast!

Photo above shows the hummus and ahi starters on top and the mahi tacos and chicken salad on the bottom- all taken on my phone (great presentation!)

Click here to visit Fresh Made Kitchens website!  

Believe there is good in the World

Saturday morning, I woke up to 10 missed calls from an unknown number and the following text message:

Not the greatest way to start off a weekend.

However, I’m not sharing this story to complain. I’m sharing this story because I think it’s always important to remember that good always outweighs the bad.

My car was parked on the top floor of my 5 story parking garage. Around 330/4am, apparently 3 boys broke into my car by busting out the driver window. There are 2 high rise buildings on both sides of my apartment parking garage and apparently a group of people saw my car being broken into (or they were awakened by the car alarm) and called police to report the break in! I am beyond grateful for these people who called police instead of just turning a blind eye to what was going on, or just going back to bed in the middle of the night.

As the police arrived outside of my parking garage, they actually saw the boys carrying my backseat and head rests down the street and were able to catch and arrest them. The boys said that was all they had taken, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

I texted the Officer back and asked for a time we could meet, he told me 12:30 would be the earliest he could meet me. The Office also instructed me to get any remaining items out of my car and to move it off the top uncovered floor of the parking garage, since it looked like it was going to rain.

The night before I had planned to go to Hot Yoga with two of my girl friends. I texted my friends Emily and Julie to see if either could give me a ride… since my car wasn’t going to make it. Luckily, Emily picked me up and I was able to go to hot yoga and find my Zen, since apparently someone else found my back seat.

I quickly went up to my car to carefully try to grab a couple things and get my yoga mat from my trunk, but my car was completely dead- trunk wouldn’t open, doors wouldn’t lock, and the key wouldn’t even work. I got a few random items that were left in my car… Vitamin waters, some seaweed snack chips, my debit card (I KNOW!!!!), business cards, and my personal trainer study guides. I was definitely surprised by the items that were missing and the items that were still in the car.

After returning from Hot Yoga, I met up with the Police Detective at 12:30. I told him that I couldn’t move my car or pop the trunk. He said we could walk up to the top floor and he would try to get it started, since the rain was quickly approaching and the entire sky had turned a shade of dark grey.

The Police Officer came up to the roof with me, to try to get the car turned on. He started to flip through the car manual that was still left in my glove compartment to see if there was a security feature that wasn’t allowing the car to turn on after the break in. As the rain slowly started to drop down on us both, we realized that we were running out of time to get the car off of the roof to escape water damage from the rain.

I made a phone call to one of the Managers, Van, at Bill Ray Nissan to ask if there was a way to get the car to turn on. We were still thinking that it was a security feature that the car wouldn’t start after the alarm had gone off and/or the window had been busted out. Van told me that he thought the car should turn on at this point, he would check with a service manager and call me right back.

He also asked me how I was going to get the car to the dealership… and I told him I guess I would drive it there, if I could get it to start. He said that he would immediately be sending a Tow Truck to get my car for me so I didn’t have to worry about it or worry about finding a tow if the car wouldn’t start. This was so kind of him to take care of and help me with at this point in the situation.

At this point, with the rain starting to pick up, the Officer said he would go get his truck to come up to the roof and jump my car so we could move it out of the rain. So I walked around to the driver side, popped the hood… only to realize…. No battery!!

They had stolen my battery and slashed the top of my hood… which makes sense as to why my car was completely dead.

At this point the rain was really picking up and we were running out of options.

Luckily, with the car completely dead, we were able to use the shift/lock/release tab to pop the car into neutral. The Officer, sitting on top of hundreds of pieces of shattered glass, rolled my car backwards down the parking garage ramp in neutral for me and into a covered parking spot– all to avoid water raining into my windowless window.

I’m so thankful that I had a Police Officer who took the time to help me in this situation, as I know it would’ve saved everyone time to just say “tough luck” about the rain and go on with the day.

The Officer and I then went inside to write and file the official Police Report, which now included a missing car battery and miscellaneous items from my car. I also requested my locks be changed at my apartment, since I keep a spare key to my apartment in my car. I knew this was going to be considered an “emergency” task by my complex, since it was a Saturday and there was no one working at the time who was able to change my locks.

Since the Police that caught the suspects only found them with my back seat and headrests, we were all a bit baffled as to where my car battery could be, along with the rest of my items.

After finger printing my car, the Police laid my detached back seat back into the back seat of my car… since there weren’t any other convenient places to store a back seat.

We did a search around the parking garage, the stairwell, and the grounds around the complex to see if we could find anything– but unfortunately, we did not.

Shortly after I finished with the Officer, Athens Tow company arrived. The Tow truck was too tall to get to my car, which was now in between the 4th and 5th floors of the parking garage– so the Tow Truck driver had to use an emergency battery pack to start my car and drive it down to the bottom to be able to Tow it.

During this process, I had called my Mom for a ride to the dealership (although I’m sure I would’ve had a blast riding along with my tow truck driver) and was still waiting to hear back about having my locks changed.

Upon arriving at Bill Ray Nissan, all of the managers working were more than accommodating to me. They repeatedly apologized to me for having to go through such an inconvenience, took care of everything with the tow truck driver, and had a rental car ready and waiting for me! Talk about great customer service, I cannot thank them enough for helping me out in a situation that I literally was clueless on how to handle.

After less than 10 minutes, I drove away in my rental car with the reassurance that they would take care of everything and all that was left to do was call insurance. As I was leaving the car dealership, I also got a call from my apartment complex that the head of maintenance was on his way over to change my locks for me. What a relief….

All in all, the entire day was a huge hassle to deal with, my car is pretty trashed, and no one has any idea where any of the items in my car are at this point (including my car battery)… HOWEVER- if there is anything important that this story proves, it is that the number of good people we have in the world will always surpass the number of bad people.

Things happen for a reason, and in the end, things always turn out okay. At the end of the day– it’s just a car. Cars can be replaced. People cannot. And I’m very thankful for all of the people who took time to help me 🙂

Special thanks to: The people who called the police from their balcony, the Orlando Police Department,  my apartment leasing company, Athens Towing, and especially Van McKenzie from Bill Ray Nissan.

Thank you for being the good in the world.

P.S.: Once the car got power from the tow truck driver, I was able to pop my trunk to see if anything from my trunk was missing. The only thing taken out of my truck was a box full of mini Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizers…. At least they were striving for good hand hygiene.